Friday, June 27, 2014

The Indie. July 2014. Vol 10, Number 1. 16 pages

[1] FOOD:
<> The Local Joint:
An Intriguing Eggplant and the Best Reuben Sandwich in the Mountains
<> Posana Cafe: Conscious Artful Cuisine—from Farm to Table
<> Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack: 
Homecooked Southern Soul Food, Served Hot

<> Bad Food, Good Food, and Ramen Noodles

<> Woolworth Walk: Keeping Tradition Alive (even as digital age wafts through the mountains)

[3] MUSIC:
<> Aaron Price's Mobile Brainchild: Collapseable Recording Studio
By Caleb Beissert

<> From the Bookshelf/Matthew Mulder
Three Books, Three Fathers
<> Herbal Moon, Hearts & Hearth/Chris Wagoner
Herbs and Human Body: An Innate Synergy
<> Renegade Reel/Duane Lucas Pascua
Oldboy: New Angle at Studying South Korean Cinema
<> Like a Rolling Stone/Pasckie Pascua
Micro Madness as The Indie

[5] ADS:
<> Diamond Thieves Body Piercing & Tattoo, 1/4
<> Equinox, 1/4
<> Moonflower Botanicals, business card
<> Athens Locally Grown, ¼ color
<> Organicfest, ¼ color
<> The Blotter, 1/4
<> Rosetta's Kitchen, business card (pending revised copy, 1/4)
<> Ben's Tune Up, full-page/back page color
<> AND house ads

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